foot pursuit

2:01 PM Stephenville

(Foot Pursuit) There is a report of a subject running from Wal-Mart at 2765 West Washington. SPD is on the scene and has one subject detained at this time.

2:04 PM The subject running is reported to be a Hispanic female. The direction of travel is unknown at this time. More units are arriving on the scene.

2:09 PM The subject is described to be a Hispanic female short and heavy set wearing a gray shirt.

2:17 PM Loss prevention checked the video and the subject did leave the parking lot in a white vehicle. This is all the information available at this time.

2:23 PM SPD does have one subject in custody at this time.

2:42 PM SPD Unit 301 is en route to Erath County Jail with one subject for theft over $100 and under $750