vehicle fire

1:26 PM Dublin
(Vehicle Fire) DFD have been paged to the intersection to CR249 and CR520. There is a report of a race car and trailer fully involved.

1:29 PM
The vehicle is reported to be exploding at this time. EMS has been paged. This if off FM847 near CR520. Harbin Fire has been paged. The report is the fire is spreading into the grass.

1:32 PM
Unit on the scene reports the roadway is blocked from smoke coming from the vehicle and surrounding fire.

1:36 PM
FM 847 will be blocked in both directions. The vehicle is still exploding at this time with parts flying. There is reported to be racing fuel in the trailer. Dublin EMS is on the scene.

1:45 PM
Unit on the scene reports there is not a lot of grass fire but it is on both sides of the county road. A DPS Trooper has been called.

2:10 PM
DPS has called for a wrecker. This will be a 3/4 ton pickup with a trailer and vehicle. Both the pickup and trailer will be fully burnt. I have not heard of any reports of injuries at this time.