structure fire

10:43 AM Dublin
(Structure Fire) Dublin/Erath and Harbin have been paged to a structure fire on Patrick Street across from the DR Pepper Plant.

10:46 AM
An officer on the scene has asked for the water department to respond to help block traffic.

10:55 AM
Dublin Fire just asked Erath To bring a truck with a ladder. The structure is reported to be 30 foot tall.

11:00 AM
Stephenville will be asked to respond with a quint truck.

11:04 AM
Stephenville Fire will be en route with two trucks.

11:29 AM
Fire Fighters in the building has asked for water to be stopped spraying on the building. They report it is loosing up the flooring.

12:36 PM
Units on the scene report that this fire is contained and they will be picking up hoses.