structure fire

1:57 PM Stephenville
(House Fire) SFD is en route to 564 North Everett Avenue for a house fire. There are reports of burn victims at the scene. Everyone is reported out of the house. Care Flight has been launched for the victims.

2:00 PM
Unit on the scene has asked for mutual aid from the county. SPD has reported two burn victims at the scene.

2:02 PM
Care Flight ETA is 18 minutes. The house does have natural gas that is not cut off. Atmos has been contacted.

2:05 PM
SFD EMS is on the scene. The county is sending EMS Medic One to the scene as well.

2:11 PM
Care Flight is three minutes out from Clark Field Airport. EMS will meet them there.

2:13 PM
A second helo has been requested to standby. ETA is 22 minutes.

2:15 PM
Care flight Three is on the ground. Air Evac is en route as well to the airport for the second patient. ETA 17 minutes.

2:19 PM
The first victim will be a 56-year-old male with third-degree burns over most his body. Mainly to the feet and hands.

2:24 PM
The gas has been turned off at this time.

2:29 PM
Second EMS is staged at the airport with the second victim. Air Evac 69 is three minutes out.

2:25 PM
Air Evac 69 is on the ground at the airport.