Subject reported to have jumped from a bridge

12:13 PM
There is a report of a male that has possibly jump off a bridge on US67N of Stephenville near the Cowboy Church. Deputies have been paged to the area. EMS has been paged to the scene as well.

12:23 PM
Erath Medic One and Erath 804 is on the scene.

12:26 PM
Units have checked the first bridge near the Church and have not found the jumper. They will continue to the next bridge.

12:29 PM
No jumper at the second bridge. Units will continue to the next bridge.

12:35 PM
No jumper has been found at this time. DPS is out with a subject at the intersection of US67 and US281 that matches the description that says he was near the bridge but he says he did not jump.

12:38 PM
Erath first responders have returned to station.