10:27 PM Dublin
( PURSUIT IN PROGRESS ) . Dublin Unit 903 is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle on CR351 at this time. Dublin Unit 903 spotted the vehicle at Allsups in Dublin and approached the vehicle when it fled the scene.

10:30 PM
The vehicle is traveling north on CR351 with all lights out. Erath Deputies are en route at this time.

10:34 PM
Dublin Unit 903 has wrecked out. Deputies are in the general area. DPS is en route at this time. Unknown injuries.

10:36 PM
This vehicle is possibly a 1990 Chevy make. This vehicle is reported stolen out of Stephenville.

10:38 PM
Dublin EMS Unit 912 is en route to the accident scene. Unit on the scene reports the officer is out at this time appears to be safe.

10:40 PM
Stephenville PD reports this vehicle was reported to be stolen in May of 2016. The suspect vehicle is still at large. ( Probably miss heard the date on this.)

10:43 PM
This is reported to be Maroon 1990 Chevy Pickup. LP is 78ZHY2

10:58 PM
A wrecker has been called to the scene for the police unit. The vehicle is still at large.