Traffic Accident

11:48 PM Dublin
Dublin EMS have been paged to a one-car rollover accident on US377 between Dublin and Comanche. This will be one mile into Comanche County from Dublin.

11:50 PM
There is reported to be at least three patients from this accident. One patient has been ejected, one is trapped and one is out of the vehicle.

11:56 PM
Two patients are reported to be to be critical. Careflight has been called to see if they can fly tonight.

12:01 AM
Erath County EMS has been paged to respond to the scene for mutual aid.

12:03 AM
Careflight has declined to fly due to weather conditions.

12:16 PM
Air Evac has declined to weather as well

12:47 AM
Erath Medic one is en route to Stephenville ER with one patient.

12:52 AM
Care Flight called back to Erath County Sheriff’s Office and stated they could fly if the patient was transported to Clark field in Stephenville. Comanche County Medic One will be transporting one patient to this location.